Fair Deal

Fair Deal is a scheme administered by the International Charter.

The scheme evaluates a product and the sourcing strategy used in the gathering of raw materials and its manufacturing to ensure that all steps are conducted ethically.

It is designed to ensure that suppliers are not exploited and ensures the following standards:

  • A company does not use child labour or prison labour.
  • Pays a respectable minimum wage for the region it is operating in
  • Does not force or coerce local authorities.
  • Sourced from ethical suppliers who do not cause long term damage to the environment.
  • Does not exploit maket position to force unreasonable pricing strategies on suppliers.

The essence of Fair Deal is:
- deliberately working with marginalised producers and workers in order to help them move from a position of vulnerability to security and economic self-sufficiency;
 - to empower producers and workers as stakeholders in their own organisations;
- actively to play a wider role into he global arena to achieve greater equity in international trade."

Fair Deal products gaurantee you a minimum standard of quality and the knowledge that the supplier, often in developing counties, has been paid a fair price and not exploited. Companies participating in the Fair Deal scheme are also encouraged to make positive investment in their overseas workforces, including meeting education and healthcare needs, as well as investing in the local community.

View the Fair Deal principles or find out more about Monitoring


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